For an idea that has yet to make it to Kickstarter, a remarkable amount of work has gone into Tetran - a modular system possibly best described as LEGO for furniture. Tetran consists of a variety of standardized modules, blocks and cushions that can be fitted together to create just about any item of furniture you can think of, or even room-filling amalgamations custom designed to suit the user's personal needs.

Tetran CEO and co-founder Ruke Keragala writes that both LEGO and Transformers toys were an inspiration when designing the modular furniture, with the latter source of inspiration perhaps most evident in the impressive promotional video made for the product (see below).

At the lowest level, Tetran models consist of 100 percent recycled MDF panels known as +Fx_Facets available in rectangles and squares in variety of dimensions. These are fitted together with a simple nut and bolt system (tightened with an Allen key) known as +Lx_Locks, forming cubes or cuboids called (drumroll, please) +Cx_Cubes.

These cubes are assembled according to whatever grand vision the end user has in mind. So-called +Tx_Hard panels (made from Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), also known as acrylic glass) can be applied wherever a smooth hard surface finish is desired, and +Cx_Cushions (5 inches/12.7 cm of polyurethane plus 3 inches/7.6 cm of high-density memory foam) of various shapes can be applied wherever seating or beds are envisaged.

A greater variety of material finishes are mooted for further down the line, including wood stone and metal for the +Tx_Hard panels and cotton, wool, silk and velvet for cushion covers. Painted finishes will apparently be available in any color.

A timely, shrewd and edgy piece of marketing: a Tetran formation as UAV-control hub

In addition to the +Lx_Locks, a connecting system known as +Tx-Boom, which will allow even more ambitious layouts, is to follow at a later date, as are drawers and cabinet doors.

If you're considering buying in bulk you may wish to book time off, as Tetran cubes arrive flat-packed and you will need a power drill with Phillips-head bit and the afore-mentioned Allen key. However, box contents are pre-oriented and all screws are of the same type so assembly-based faffing should at least be kept to a minimum.

The initial range of Tetran products will be available for pre-order through Kickstarter as of June 1. Though it's tempting to say such an ambitious product feels like a higher risk Kickstarter investment than most, the renderings and promo video at least demonstrate that the product's designers are extremely committed to their concept.

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