The Aliens have arrived in London - driving a Citroen C2 ...

The Aliens have arrived in London - driving a Citroen C2 ...
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August 19, 2005 Looking unlike anything else on earth, an amazing one-off version of Citroën's C2 VTR has been built in the UK at a cost of GBP115,000 pounds, more than ten times the cost of a normal Citroen C2 VTR! The Alien-inspired Citroën C2 VTR is the culmination of six months work by renowned modification specialists, SQ Plus. Loaded with GBP30,000 pounds worth of stereo equipment from sound system experts Alpine, including 20 speakers, eight subwoofers and 11 amplifiers, the futuristic C2 by SQ Plus belts out an incredible 15,780 watts - similar to an average nightclub - guaranteeing that it's heard before it's seen!

Incredibly, the transmission tunnel has been cut out to provide a smoother floor and allow the fitting of an F1-style single centre seat with aircraft-style steering wheel. The door mirrors have been replaced with pod-mounted cameras transmitting to TV screens across the dashboard, while the rear view mirror is also replaced by a further camera located in the rear wiper mounting.

On the outside, the C2 by SQ Plus has also been radically modified - even the filler cap has been moved! A Cituning wide arch body kit, twin Powerflow exhausts which emerge from the front bumper, 20" chrome alloys and Mr Chilli's air bag suspension have all been added while the coup de grâce is the stunning silver re-spray with airbrushed paint finish worth GBP20,000 pounds.

"We set out to build the most unbelievable car out there, using a model that people can both relate to and afford. It was an easy decision to go for the Citroën C2, which is without question the next big thing in modifying," says Phil Leach, Managing Director of Manchester-based SQ Plus.

Anyone thinking of buying a new Citroën C2 will be relieved to find that the original VTR, with alloy wheels, CD player, AirCon, electric windows, remote control central locking and ABS with EBD and EBA, is available for more than GBP100,000 pounds less.

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