Hoax or hopeful? Sky high or pie-in-the-sky? German architect Jakob Tigges has unleashed a daring plan to create a man-made mountain in Berlin – not exactly a feature you instantly associate with the German city, but if this “project” gets approval that could change. According to The Berg website, Berliners are getting behind the project as another tourist-attracting (money-making) option for their fair city.

The 1,000m-tall fake mountain is proposed for the site of the former Tempelhof airport and would be the largest man-made mountain ever constructed, even collecting snow on its peak. But although an uninhabitable monolith of this magnitude might look appealing to some, funding for it might be another matter. Not to mention the environmental impact of such a structure.

Via the Berg website, Tigges writes: “While big and wealthy cities in many parts of the world challenge the limits of possibility by building gigantic hotels with fancy shapes, erecting sky-high office towers or constructing hovering philharmonic temples, Berlin sets up a decent mountain … Hamburg, as stiff as flat, turns green with envy, rich and once proud Munich starts to feel ashamed of its distant Alp-panorama and planners of the Middle-East, experienced in taking the spell off any kind of architectural utopia immediately design authentic copies of the iconic Berlin-Mountain.”

Whether the world is gullible or people truly want to see and experience The Berg, the project is attracting a lot of local media, a huge following on Facebook and looks to have some product endorsements already. The mountain is so big it would alter the weather surrounding it and attract a wide range of flora and fauna. It would also provide Berliners with a convenient location to enjoy a range of activities including skiing, hang-gliding and rock climbing.

It seems like a monumental task, but we’ll keep a watching brief on The Berg to see if Berlin can indeed make a mountain out of a molehill. What do you think? Potential man-made monstrosity or marvel?

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