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The bottle opener becomes a fashion statement

The bottle opener becomes a fa...
Bottle Ring Opener
Bottle Ring Opener
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Bottle Ring Opener
Bottle Ring Opener

July 5, 2007 Are you fully equipped to venture out into the world of the 21st century: mobile phone – check, iPod – check, Bottle Ring Opener – well… maybe not. This fully-customizable bottle and can opener designed to be worn on the index finger might not make it to the top of everyone’s wishlist, but it could save you from chipping a tooth in a tight spot.

Made of black powder coated aluminum, Bottle Ring Opener is available in three different finishes - aluminum, zinc, and gold – and can be customised to include the logo of beer and beverage companies, sports teams or other businesses. There’s also a version with flashing lights for bartenders.

According to the manufacturers the Bottle Ring Opener differs from other bottle openers because of its compact size and wearable design, allowing users a greater convenience than standard-sized bottle openers.

The anodized aluminum Bottle Ring Opener is available in sizes 12 and 18, both of which include two smaller-sized inserts sizes 6, 9/12.5, 15, and retail for US$9.99 each. All other insert sizes retail for US$1.00 each.

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