A new farm-to-table community, said to be the first in California, has opened in the city of Davis. The Cannery is made up of more than 500 energy-efficient homes, open spaces and trails surrounded and fed by a 7.4-ac (3-ha) working farm.

We've covered similar agrihoods (towns with agriculture integrated into them for contributing to food demand) previously at Gizmag, although often as concepts for the future, like the Homefarm by Spark Architects. Agrihoods do exist as more recognizably traditional towns though. Agritopia in Arizona, Harvest in Texas, Serenbe in Georgia and Willowsford in Virginia are just four examples across the US, and the Cannery is similar to these.

Developed by the The New Home Company, the Cannery is said to be inspired by the agricultural roots and environmental innovation of Davis, and is aimed at contributing to a healthy way of life for its residents. There are four neighborhoods hosting 547 homes altogether, with each home no more than 300 ft (91 m) from a park or open space.

The most high-end of the neighborhoods is called Sage, and comprises 73 park homes ranging from 1,943 to 3,702 sq ft (181 to 344 sq m). The homes each feature up to six bedrooms, five bathrooms and garages with space for up to three cars. They cost up to US$1 million and over.

Of the other neighborhoods, Tilton and Persimmon comprise cottages and bungalows respectively, with their homes priced from the low $700,000s. Heirloom, meanwhile is comprised of townhomes priced from the mid $400,000s. Each home in the Cannery features a 1.5-kW solar system for energy generation and can be upgraded for net zero living.

The Cannery also boasts a 10-mi (16-km) network of bike trails, as well as a network of walking paths for people to get around. A plaza provides space for outdoor get-togethers, access to retail outlets and covered bicycle parking with places to use and charge electronic devices. There will also be an agri-classroom for those wishing to learn about agriculture.

In addition to being a home to residents, the New Home Company says the Cannery will serve as a model of an agrihood and of sustainable urban farming.

The Cannery opened and launched home sales in August. More than 5,000 people were estimated to have visited on its opening weekend.

The video below provides an introduction to the Cannery.

Source: The Cannery

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