The Cyborg R.A.T. Gaming Mouse – the coolest mouse on the block

The Cyborg R.A.T. Gaming Mouse – the coolest mouse on the block
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Mad Catz Interactive has unveiled a new range of premium Cyborg gaming mice which will begin shipping in Q2 this year. The new range takes all the same principles normally applied to ergonomic fully adjustable flight sticks, and incorporates them in gaming mice. For the first time ever on a mouse, the key points of contact between the gamer’s hand and the mouse are fully adjustable allowing it to be customized for any grip preference. Cyborg claims they are the most comfortable gaming mice in existence, but who cares, cos they are the coolest you’ll ever see.

The USD$130 top of the range Cyborg R.A.T. Gaming Mouse has specifications to match its looks in that it’s wireless with rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, fully adjustable and fully programmable, has a 5600dpi laser and has a removable weight system.

The company’s stated strategy is to “develop products that evoke a passionate consumer response” and the Cyborg R.A.T. definitely achieves that goal.

Sam Hickman
Mad Catz aren\'t exactly the leaders in quality peripherals. Pass.
Carlos Lugo
Spoken like a true non-gamer...
Spend thirty minutes with one of their high end gaming sticks and try saying the same thing.
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David Putz
Mad Catz make good flight sticks. That\'s it.