The Daiquiri Whacker - the blender with attitude!

The Daiquiri Whacker - the blender with attitude!
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November 5, 2004 The Daiquiri Whacker from SR Leisure Time Products isn't your mother's blender. This petrol-driven, portable daiquiri blender has motorcycle-like handles and a twist-grip throttle so you can mix that daquiri just right! At the twist of a wrist, you can have 23cc of raw power whip your ice into a frenzy not to mention making a lot of noise. An ideal Christmas present for the missus.

The Daiquiri Whacker gas powered blender is totally portable and needs no extension cords or generators to take the fine art of blending drinks out of the kitchen and into new party zones. The 23cc Homelite motor has enough power to whip up a batch of your favourite blended drink faster than you can say "Dos Margaritas Por Favor!"

The top of the Daiquiri Whacker acts like an umbrella to protect the motor from any spillage. Cleanup is easy - just wash the jar and wipe off the base. The receptacle in the center holds any Oster Jar and is slotted in the back to allow an escape path for any spills preventing any liquid from seeping into the motor.

The bronze bushing in the center will never rust and lasts the lifetime of the blender. The close tolerance between the Stainless drive shaft and the bronze bushing prevents liquid from passing through to the motor.

The starting cord is right on the front of the blender, making it easy to find and easy to pull with only two fingers.

The three heavy duty PVC legs press right into the base and provide a tripod footprint that won't rock on any surface.

The blender comes to you fully assembled, ready to go at a RRP of US $259.00 - party not included!


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