The Dominator Integrated Infantry Combat System with man-packable VSAT terminal

The Dominator Integrated Infantry Combat System with man-packable VSAT terminal
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March 26, 2007 Elbit Systems heads up the Isreal Ministry of Defense Integrated Infantry Combat System (IICS) Project which aims to equip soldiers with miniaturised high-tech wearable tools for advanced situational awareness, quicker response and ultimately, increased lethality. The plan is to allow infantry soldiers to be networked into integrated information systems so they can send and receive information in real time, view up-to-the-minute Common Operational Picture (situational awareness of enemy and own forces) and live video from either external or on body sensors and transmit images and information back to command. The company’s Dominator Integrated Infantry Combat System was shown off for the first time last week and amongst a range of extraordinary capabilities, the integrated Globalight man-packable VSAT terminal stands out - it offers broadband communications, two way simultaneous voice, internet, VC. Phone, fax and email communications ANYWHERE.

Geared for the unit level and individual soldier, the Dominator enables forces to dominate the field by empowering infantry units with full situational awareness through networking into integrated information systems.

The Dominator incorporates Elbit Systems' C4I software solutions for the infantry user (C4I SW), based on Elbit Systems' C4I infrastructures for tactical forces. C4I SW was developed specifically to assure simple, swift operation in the most intense combat scenarios. It supports planning, situational awareness, targets handling, devices connectivity as well as video and map displays. It also provides command and control functionalities for all levels of commands of the light infantry forces along with interface to armored units, artillery and close air support.

Elbit Systems cutting edge communication systems provide optimal, uninterrupted information flow, arriving at the right time and destination. The Dominator interfaces and operates with all existing communication equipment.

The heart of the Dominator is the Personal Digital Unit terminal – a ruggedised tactical computer especially designed for the individual infantry warrior. The compact energy-efficient computer empowers the soldier with powerful data processing and storage capabilities, includes an embedded GPS for the IICS application, and interfaces to all the peripheral elements such as the Weapon-mounted Fire Control System, the CORAL Sensor/Acquisition system, the wirless helmet-mounted eyepiece and fire acquisition system, and a hand-held eight incg ruggedised portable display which can be read under all lighting conditions including bright sunlight.

View gallery - 10 images
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