The Dot.Car Era begins – Chrysler to offer internet access in all models

The Dot.Car Era begins – Chrys...
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June 26, 2008 The era of the dotcar appears set to begin with the news that Chrysler is planning to turn all its vehicles into hotspots with 2009 models, making it the first manufacturer to offer Wi-Fi in the car on a mass scale. The move is certain to precipitate competitive response from other manufacturers and … the dot car era appears ready to begin.

The newly renamed (from UConnect to uconnect) Chrysler infotainment system will use Autonet Mobile’s router (full story here) and will be available in all 2009 model Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep models. The unit will cost US$450 plus US$50 installation, plus US$29 a month, but for that, your vehicle will have robust internet access of 600-800 kilobits per second.

Other aspects of the new uconnect system have not yet been fully outlined by Chrysler though it is believed that it will link mobile telephones and digital media players for one seamless communications, information and entertainment system based around a 30-gigabyte hard drive. GPS navigation and real-time traffic, satellite TV and satellite radio are also expected as part of the suite.

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