August 19, 2008 The ElectraFlyer C is an electric aircraft based around the now defunct 1980s Moni kit plane designed by John Monnett which features in the Smithsonian Air and Space museum no less. The original and unreliable KFM 107 two-stroke air-cooled motor has been replaced with a modified version of ElectraFlyer’s US$8500 5.6 kWh lithium battery and US$4200 propulsion parts kit, will top 90 mph, fly for 90 minutes plus and recharges from a household power outlet in six hours at a cost of, would-you-believe, sixty cents. That’s serious bang-per-buck for an aircraft and bodes well for the coming era of personal flight being based around sustainable energy and as it’s almost totally silent, sustainable hearing without the need for earplugs. Silent aircraft, like silent RVs, are the way to a sustainable future for the sport.

The ElectraFlyer C plug-n-fly electric plane

Wired has an extensive article on the totally gorgeous bird, and the ElectraFlyer web site has a few extra details. Note that although the original Moni had a reputation for failures, most notably in the propeller area, it is now fitted with a larger, slower-turning, much more efficient prop.

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