The Electric Violin

The Electric Violin
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March 26, 2006 The violin is one of the oldest of instruments with roots going back 7000 years, arriving in its current form 500 years ago. So classically trained musician Tricia Ho felt that it was time to redesign the classical instrument with 21st century ergonomics and an interchangeable frame system that allow the player to customise the violin to suit their style and reduce musculoskeletal disorders in player’s necks and shoulders. “Coming from a background of classical violin training I have many friends who experienced problems gripping a traditional violin”, said Ho, a student at the University of New South Wales.

“Subtle aesthetic characteristics of the traditional instrument are retained, but now adapted into functional roles in EV’s design,” Tricia Ho said.

Ho’s design is one of the 12 finalists in the Australian Design Award-Dyson Student Award that were selected from 90 entrants by an international panel of experts in design and technology.

“The Australian Design Awards and Dyson partnership is about supporting young designers who share Dyson’s philosophy of complete design; developing products that provide significant solutions and don’t just focus on the aesthetics,” says Ross Cameron, Managing Director, Dyson SEA.

“The Australian Design Award-Dyson Student Award is an incredible program that puts student talent under the spotlight, and provides a bridge from academia to industry,” says Stephanie Watson, Manager of the Australian Design Awards.

The Australian Design Award-Dyson Student Award consists of a Gold, Silver and Bronze winner sharing in a prize of $10,000; the Gold winner being automatically entered into the prestigious James Dyson Award.

Tricia will now attend the prestigious Australian Design Award Presentation night at the Wharf 8 Complex in Sydney’s Darling Harbour on May 19. Her entry will also be on display in the Australian Design Award Exhibition which runs over the whole day.

View gallery - 6 images
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