The GlobeSurfer ICON – plug and play wireless broadband

The GlobeSurfer ICON – plug and play wireless broadband
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June 26, 2007 Dutch wireless technology company Option N.V. has one of the simplest internet connectivity solutions on the planet, and one which has become the focal point of a new Scandinavian campaign by Telenor Norway. Weighing just 40 grams, the GlobeSurfer ICON is a self-contained wireless access device which attaches to and draws its power from a PC USB port and provides instant internet access at 3.6 Mbps download (upgradeable to 7.2 Mbps) using HSDPA, 364 kbps upload using UMTS and in areas beyond 3G, it enables reliable 247 kbps data connections over EDGE. Drivers are auto install, there’s a built-in control applet, and one-button connect which all contribute to extraordinary user-friendliness.

Telenor Norway's summer campaign bundles Option's ICON, ready for data speeds of 3.6Mbps on the company's network, with an inexpensive mobile broadband solution. Later this year, the company will launch HSDPA in Norway. For NOK 249 per month (EUR30) Norwegian users can surf unlimited in the evenings after 5pm and all through the weekend. This offer also includes all Telenor hotspots in Norway. And as a special offering lasting until the end of August, Norwegian users will be able to surf all day free of charge.

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