The Icelink Snow 6 Timezone Watch

The Icelink Snow 6 Timezone Watch
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March 3, 2008 Watches with multiple time zones on display are becoming increasingly relevant as telecommunications is conquering the tyranny of distance, which makes Gemwatchmaker IceLink's patent on watches displaying six time zones a valuable asset to the company. It began making its 6 Timezone watches some time back, but the latest release is special - instead of six time zones it features four plus power reserve plus a "snow zone" - dozens of floating diamonds are suspended in a special IceFuel liquid, so the precious stones swirl delicately with the movements of the wrist.

The Snow Collection is available in pink gold and white gold, and in two sizes: 6 carats plus 1.25 in the Snow zone and 4.25 carats plus 0.75 in the Snow zone. The 6Timezone features 6 Swiss movements and boasts the Swiss made label.

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