The iDea Ovation - guitar with recording studio built-in

The iDea Ovation - guitar with recording studio built-in
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December 20, 2008 The marriage of a recording device and a guitar seems natural, but the iDea Ovation guitar is apparently the first one. The guitar is the analog instrument of choice for the majority of the world's musicians and with a high quality MP3 recorder/player built-in, it offers a direct port into the digital world. Songwriters suddenly have a single convenient tool to record song ideas, hooks, melodies, lyrics, even commentary and guitarists who enjoy jamming will find tireless accompaniment, all controllable from their fingertips.

You can record to the iDea's memory from the guitar and/or built-in microphone, or any audio signal via the auxiliary input. The melding of a high quality MP3 recorder/player also makes the iDea a learning tool, with audio lessons and jam tracks pre-installed in the memory, and more downloadable. Mixes from recording software, rhythm tracks, or songs you want to learn can be downloaded and played either through the guitar output or headphones. Files in theiDea can be moved, renamed, deleted and rearranged on the computer desktop. While the list price is $859, iDea's can be had for US$600 new if you do your shopping online. Musicians have never had it so good!

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