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The Juicebar disposable mobile phone charger

The Juicebar disposable mobile phone charger
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July 8, 2008 The mobile telephone gold rush has made a fair percentage of the world's nouveau very rich, and spawned a lot of accessories of dubious value - this doesn't appear to be one of them. Once you've realised how essential a phone is, having a dead battery is just not an option. Being stranded without communication is not only an exasperating problem, but it can also put you in a dangerous predicament when you need to make an emergency call.

Juicebar has come up with a simple yet affordable solution – the world’s slimmest disposable mobile phone charger. At just UKP2.99, Juicebar can recharge a completely flat mobile phone battery in around 60 minutes, giving you up to 60 minutes of talk time and 480 minutes standby.

Just plug a Juicebar into your phone, and charging will start. You can even use your phone whilst it is charging.

The incredible battery technology ensures Juicebars keep their charge for 5 years. In fact Juicebar are so confident in their product, they have given it a 5-year guarantee. You need never worry whether the ‘Juice’ will be there when you need it most.

Juicebar is available for Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Motorola and Blackberry phone brands with an LG product available soon.

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