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The Krank lamp: funky, functional and eco-friendly

The Krank lamp: funky, functio...
The Krank lamp by Efrain E. Velez
The Krank lamp by Efrain E. Velez
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The Krank lamp by Efrain E. Velez
The Krank lamp by Efrain E. Velez

March 3, 2008 The 2008 Greener Gadgets Design Competition produced a number of eco-friendly, innovative designs including the “Krank”, a light-weight lamp which is powered by hand.

Designed by Efrain E. Velez from the US, the Krank was inspired by the shape and function of an old-fashioned mechanical drill like your grandfather probably used.

This manual device uses the principle of magnetic induction. You simply ‘krank’ the handle, which agitates a magnet surrounded by copper coil and after one minute of kranking there is sufficient voltage to power the L.E.D.s for 40 to 60 minutes of bright light.

The Krank design features a fully recyclable body made from aluminum parts and as it is lightweight, manufacturing it will have a reduced impact on the environment. Given the success of all things wind-up in recent years, from torches and radios to mobile phone chargers, the Krank almost certainly has a market waiting to be tapped.

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