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The LG Artcool Photochangeable air conditioner goes quieter

The LG Artcool Photochangeable...
LG Artcool changeable image airconditioner
LG Artcool changeable image airconditioner
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LG Artcool chageable image airconditioner
LG Artcool chageable image airconditioner
LG Artcool changeable image airconditioner
LG Artcool changeable image airconditioner

April 16, 2009 In a world where ongoing technological improvements are accepted as the norm, a development that can hide or improve the appearance of those ugly necessities like air conditioners is a god send. Anything that lowers their noise level will also be warmly (pun intended) welcomed. After all who is really out there looking to purchase an air conditioner that will constantly interfere with the pleasant sounds of the home based entertainment system or wishes to place an ugly monstrosity in a prominent position in their home? The leading supplier of air conditioners in the world, LG has not only realized that air conditioners are not all about technology, design and style are just as important and a unit that runs as quiet as a mouse will be a big seller. Recently LG Electronics' launched the new low noise Deluxe Split Inverter Air Conditioning range that extends their highly successful range of Photochangable air conditioners.

The new LG Deluxe Split Inverter Air Conditioner

Loved-up mice in fluffy slippers star in LG Electronics' latest Air Conditioning marketing campaign to launch the new low noise Deluxe Split Inverter Air Conditioning range. Launched in Australia, in time for the ever so hot summer, the campaign playfully magnifies the technology that allows unrestricted airflow on the indoor unit of these air conditioners - which makes these indoor units much quieter at 20dB(A) in sleep mode, says LG. The campaign cleverly illustrates this by stating that 'no longer is the mouse the quietest in the house'.

Taking the improved efficiency and quietness one step further , the new series has been extended to the Artcool range and includes the following models: S09AWN-4, S12AWN-4, C09AWR-2 and C12AWR-2. The highly successful Artcool range was introduced a few years with the key feature of enabling you to insert a family picture, children's drawing or any type of printed image under the transparent front panel. The image carefully disguises the air conditioner making it a feature that can be changed at will, by simply opening the panel.

The Wrap

We like any development that meets the insatiable demand for products which hide technology and make it invisible. You can now place a photo that you love in front of a quiet and efficient air conditioner and lay back on your lounge in comfort and listen to your favorite music. Well done LG. For more information visit LG Electronics

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