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The maintenance-free indoor waterwall

The maintenance-free indoor waterwall
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October 5, 2006 There’s something about running water that has a calming effect, though having a water feature inside your home or office can be problematic for obvious reasons. Creating your ideal environment for living and integrating a water feature just got much easier because Rock'N Crab Aquatics (RnC) has released the AQUAframe, the world's first maintenance-free waterwall. Unlike traditional waterwalls, the AQUAframe eliminates the need for service, damage from potential splashing and the requirement for complex filtration to control water health risks making it ideal for hospitals, restaurants, museums and home installation.

Due to their inherent beauty and soothing qualities, water features are a highly desirable choice for businesses and homes. The AQUAframe delivers the same visual effect and soothing properties but without the unwanted attributes of traditional waterwalls at comparable price points.

"With the AQUAframe, businesses and homes are freed from the worry of water damage, high maintenance and potential disease risks of traditional waterwalls, while maintaining all the aesthetic beauty," said SP Neville, lead designer for Rock'N Crab Aquatics.

Eliminating time-consuming maintenance issues was a key reason the League School of Greater Boston, MA chose to upgrade their traditional waterwalls to the AQUAframe. Mike Sullivan, director of facilities at the League School stated, "I think the new waterwalls are a big hit. The staff and visitors love the new look. I love that since they have been installed (about four months) they haven't needed any water! We are very pleased."

The innovative patent pending "anti-splash" design enables locations with the strictest hygiene concerns, such as hospitals, museums and restaurants, to now safely incorporate water features into their decor in places never possible before. The AQUAframe is also ideal for homeowners who want to place a water feature into their home environment without the fear of high maintenance and inadvertent water damage.

AQUAframe can be individualized with a wide array of finish/trim options and can incorporate logos and lettering -- making it a unique choice for signage, divider walls, POP/POS, etc.

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