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The Mila Bikini Skin - form-fitting protection for the iPod

The Mila Bikini Skin - form-fitting protection for the iPod
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December 15, 2006 Pacific Design, a company known for colorful, functional iPod(R) cases and cutting edge laptop bags, and Gamila, a product brand dedicated to "designs that make you smile," have partnered to create the Mila Bikini Skin Collection for the iPod nano and iPod Video. Designed to protect and complement the iPod nano (1st/2nd generation) and iPod Video (30G/60G/80G), the Mila Bikini Skin features a super-strong, crystal-clear polyurethane screen protector and a connection point system that can attach to just about anything. The strength of this material protects the iPod screen from scratches without leaching or cracking while the design and flexibility of this case allows users to flip the bottom off to sync or stand their iPod on a desk. The Mila Bikini Skin can also be customized by attaching personal fashion statements to its connection points, making it the ultimate fashion accessory.

The Mila Bikini Skins for the iPod nano and iPod Video are just $20 and are available online. Colors for the Mila Bikini Skin are Frost White and Ice Blue for the iPod Video and Mango Orange and Frost White for the iPod nano.

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