May 13, 2009 The "Muecke" (mosquito) is a single seater lightweight sport helicopter concept that combines low weight and corresponding low flying costs in an easily transportable design which would make this flying machine the ultimate in personal aviation. The mini chopper is intended to be powered by a shaft driven turbine and features counter rotating blades. This means it does not require a tail rotor, instead utilizing movable paddles at the tip of the rotor blades which act like a kind of thrust vectoring of the turbine exhaust to help make course corrections in forward flight as well as in hover.

Not to be confused with the Mosquito XE Ultralight Kit Helicopter the "Muecke" is similar in scale to the Two-seater Hummel fold up helicopter concept featured recently which was also designed by Daniel Kocyba.

Like the Hummel, easy transport on the ground is also a focus of this design, but rather than a folding platform, the Muecke can be tilted forward by hand and moved along like a hand barrow.

The recreational aviation market will continue to grow as more people take advantage of the rules introduced by the FAA in 2004 that require as few as 20 hours of flight time to qualifty for a 'sport' pilots license, we certainly believe there is a market for more Ultralight aircraft such as the "Muecke" concept.

Paul Evans

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