May 1, 2009 Looking something like a cross between the SoloTrek XFV (Exo-skeletal Flying Vehicle) backpack helicopter flown in the movie Agent Cody Banks and the Boeing V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor, the Hummel is a two passenger lightweight helicopter concept that features a fully enclosed cabin and tandem ducted rotors which offer the same stability as a conventional helicopter with a tail rotor. The extra twist - when you're done flying it folds into a box shape for easy storage and transportation.

Daniel Kocyba's Hummel design has many potential applications including air taxi, emergency services, coast guard, police, army, and not forgetting personal transport and recreation.

No technical specs are provided for the propulsion system, but given the size and folding ability of this micro helicopter it certainly won't require a heliport, could easily fit into a box trailer and can be flown on a 'sports' pilot license.

Paul Evans

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