The Motorcycle Grip Ace with electronic controls embedded

The Motorcycle Grip Ace with electronic controls embedded
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October 24, 2006 One of the skills necessary to master a motorcycle is to combine the use of the three brakes, the clutch, lights, horn, turn signals and throttle without taking your hands off the handlebars and maintaining full control. Ergonomics have improved over the last few decades but to think that we’ll still be using similar controls a few decades from now is ludicrous – they almost certainly will be different, we’re just not sure how yet. One promising new technology in controlling the array of electronics on the motorcycle is the a new motorcycle grip with electronic module which allows the rider to maintain control of the motorcycle while activating turn signals, headlights and accessories. Traditionally, you need to remove your thumb from the grip to activate motorcycle controls. Instead, Grip Ace puts the controls under your fingertips, keeping your thumb on the grip for safer riding. Four switches are embedded in the Grip Ace grip, offering seven functions in the left-hand. Grip Ace also turns your signals off for you, so other drivers on the road won’t misinterpret your intentions. Grip Ace works with your stock equipment, so you can always fall back on your stock equipment while learning to use the Grip Ace. No wires need to be cut to install the Grip Ace, and it should not affect your factory vehicle warranty. It can control nearly any electrical item: turn signals, headlights and any auxiliary function such as fog lamps, stereo, seat heater, or even nitrous-oxide. The product has many other possible applications, including vehicles with joysticks or control levers, such as light aircraft.

Grip Ace, manufactured by Ace Rip Industries, is the brainchild of inventor Timothy G. Ledford, and engineered by Steven Dodson of Epoch Product Design, who partnered up to bring the product to market. After 4 years of development and field-testing, Timothy and Steven arrived at a reliable product that will work on any vehicle that uses a handgrip.

The Grip Ace starts at US$269.00

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