Zips may be practical, but who's got time to fumble around with those teethed fasteners in this day and age? This is the thinking behind The North Face's newest piece of luggage, a 22-liter (5.8-US gal) backpack for commuters with a main compartment that springs open from a single latch for easy access.

Dubbed the Access Pack, the backpack is something of a departure from The North Face's usual modus operandi, in that it is made for those living life in urban environments rather than those heading into the great outdoors.

The pack's main compartment pops open through a quick release latch, revealing fleece-lined pockets to store devices, notebooks and whatever else the modern-day commuter might need to carry on their back. These pockets feature something the company calls "ejector tabs," which it says makes for swifter and easier retrieval of packed items.

Zips aren't done away with completely, however. In keeping with the easy access approach, the pack has a zippered compartment for laptops that features a pull handle, allowing users to yank out their machines with a bit more ease. This compartment can accomodate laptops up to 15 inches in size and is water resistant.

There is also a pair of zippered external pockets for smaller items, two internal pockets and a dedicated sunglasses pocket. The pack itself is made from an EVA foam body on an aluminum frame and tips the scales at 4.3 lb (1.95 kg).

The Access Pack is priced at US$235 and is currently sold out, but The North Face says that more will become available on May 26.

You can check out the pack in the short promo video below.

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