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The Optibike OB1 electric bicycle: exclusive, long range, power assisted commuting

The Optibike OB1 electric bicy...
2008 Optibike OB1
2008 Optibike OB1
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2008 Optibike OB1
2008 Optibike OB1
2008 Optibike OB1
2008 Optibike OB1

April 24, 2008 Optibike's 2008 range of electric-powered bicycles will be spearheaded by the limited edition OB1, the signature bike of Optibike Inventor Jim Turner. The key component of the Optibike system - the patented Motorized Bottom Bracket (MBB) which drives through the derauiller gear system to optimize acceleration and range at all pedaling speeds - is now oil cooled and delivers 850 continuous watts of power. Add to this carbon fiber handlebars, brakes, derailleur, chainring and cable ferrules, a customized paint job, GPS satellite navigation, plus a wireless PDA interface that provides real-time feedback on remaining range, battery charge and motor temperatures, and you have yourself one high-performance urban commuter. Given the lightweight aluminum monocoque frame and sleek design, it's unlikely that the casual observer will even realize you're on an electric machine as you zoom past at at 30+ mph - unless of course you forego the pedals in favor of the thumb operated throttle.

Additional key specs of the OB1 include a 9 speed grip shift, two power modes - Fast and Economy - a 20ah Li-Ion, UltraBright Twin 10w Halogen lights, Fox 36 Talas RC2 Fork on the front and Fox Float RP23 Shock at the rear, a deluxe toolkit including Fox Shock Pump, quick charger and TAG Wheels made from a DuPont resin which require no truing. The custom paintwork is provided by Gunslinger Custom Paint and the entire bike is also covered by a 2 year full warranty with the wheels, frame and Chris King Headset guaranteed for life and the Lithium Ion Battery guaranteed for 3 years or 30,000 miles. An extended range touring battery is also optional.

Only 24 of the exclusive OB1's will be built in 2008, and the price isn't designed to appeal to the mass market either at around US$12995.

Three additional models will complete the 2008 range - the 800Li, the 50 mile range 600Li and Optibike 400 - all with "bulid-your-own" bike customization options. Prices start at USD$4995 for the 400 watt model and the bikes can be compared here.

Further info at the Optibike site.

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It sure is purdy.....kinda spendy though.......I won't be getting one soon......I have an Rmartin Ebike I'm turning N2 a trike...I'm just gonna weld a 36in bar across the front and put a fork on either end and attach an "a-bar"for proper steering.....I've made a few of these,while they corner funny they work just fine!!........And they're a lot cheaper than anything else I've found!!......LOL