The Parc Ferme Experience

The Parc Ferme Experience
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December 14, 2006 Parc Ferme Experience is another variation on the partial ownership, car sharing club - Most car sharing clubs are focussed on reducing the group environmental impact, but a more recent variant has seen luxury car sharing clubs appear such as Club Ascari, Exotic Carshare, Classic Car Club, Luxshare, Club Sportiva, and link list here. Join Parc Ferme Experience and you get year-long access to iconic cars and historic motorcycles. Membership provides ready access to 12strong fleet of motorcars plus 11 classic motorcycles. For less than it costs to run just one collectors’ vehicle of your own for a year, you get the lot, switching between four and two wheels at will! The current car fleet comprises a Ferrari Testarossa, 328GTS and 246 GT Dino, a Porsche 993 Cabriolet and 356B Coupe, an Austin-Healey 3000 and Frogeye Sprite, a Mercedes CLK Cabriolet and Pagoda-roofed 280SL, an MG B Roadster), a Jag E-Type V12 Roadster and an Alfa Romeo Spyder. The motorcycles on offer comprise: two Triumph Bonnevilles, a Tiger 110, a Norton Commando, Dominator, and 500cc ES2 single, a Ducati 900S, a 750Triton, a Sunbeam Model 9, a Velocette Venom and a BSA Super Rocket. On top of the joining fee of UKP600, there’s an annual fee of between UKP2450 and UKP3450 depending on how many points you wish to use, plus you pay for the fuel you use – the garaging, servicing, tax, insurance etc is handled by the club. Depending on how many points you buy, and which cars you want to drive, you’ll get between 35 and 80 days of driving per year – this is a very cost-efficient way to get your bum on some fine seats. One satisfied customer describes his membership as ‘Viagra for the soul’ – and, as a doctor, he should know!

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