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The Phone Tattoo

The Phone Tattoo
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May 18, 2006 With mobile handset sales passing 850 million units globally this year, one in eight people will get a new mobile phone. Given there aren’t that many mobile phone manufacturers, the ubiquity of the device makes it increasingly difficult to use our mobile phone choice to express the unique, dynamic, fascinating individual we all know ourselves to be. Accordingly, we think Motorola’s latest brainwave of mobile phone tattoos is very clever. The company that unquestionably already leads the world in mobile phone styling has looked beyond the square and created pre-designed stickers which can be applied to individualise your mobile phone. Going one step further, the company is also releasing packs of blank tattoo stickers so you can design (using free software downloadable here) and print customized tattoos for Motorola RAZR and Motorola SLVR phones (L2, L6 and L7). The "tattoo" stickers are specifically designed to match the contours of these devices. Accordingly, you can now customise your mobile phone to match your clothes, reflect your surroundings, or portray your car, your football team, your partner, your children, your style, or lack thereof!

Both Phone Tattoos and Phone Tattoos By You! go on easily and stay on, but can be quickly peeled off without leaving residue.

The Phone Tattoos (3-pack) and Phone Tattoos By You! (4-pack) are available for US$9.99 a pack at the Cingular Wireless website

Phone Tattoos software is compatible with most Inkjet printers and PCs; the software does not currently support MAC computers.

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