The PIMP Watch

The PIMP Watch
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The PIMP watch is the latest in a long list of crazy accessories to come out of Japan. Unlike your standard time-piece the PIMP watch uses around seventy LED's to tell the time using three different colours. The LED's will light up once a minute to display the time, all that's involved is some simple calculations. However, the makers of the PIMP watch don't seem to be too concerned with practical uses. In an era where mobile phones and PDA's can easily be used as time pieces, the makers have focused upon design and aesthetics.

With model names like the 'star performer', or 'trip the light fantastic' and 'pimpin ain't easy', PIMP watches are certainly like no other. The watches are produced in limited editions and, outrageous designs that are truly unique. PIMP claims that production is limited to no more than 500 per model sold outside Japan and no more than 2000 inside Japan, reinforcing their slogan 'Trends are fine but being unique is even better'!

The watches are made from solid stainless steel with a fine brushed finish in areas prone to contact with surfaces. They use two lithium batteries and can be changed by the user using a case opener. The PIMP watch can be purchased online through Tokyo flash at: www.tokyoflash.com

At around US$150 it's a far cheaper alternative to the Cadillac with a plush pink interior, whilst still achieving a similar look.

View gallery - 6 images
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