The Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD Turntable turns DJs into VJs

The Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD Turntable turns DJs into VJs
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A significant new release in the audio-video market from Pioneer looks set to bring audio and video even closer together, paving the way for a new breed of performer: the DVJ. The mega-powerful Pioneer DVJ-X1 allows synchronised digital audio and video to be manipulated and played back like never before, and equally as significantly, EXACTLY like the old DJ did 'scratching' a vinyl disk. This new generation of star will combine a DJ's treatment of audio with the visual skills of a VJ, creating a completely original entertainment experience.

'It might be difficult for some people to understand just what it actually does - it's not JUST a DVD player,' said Collee Chappell, Manager of Professional DJ products for Pioneer Australia.

'Everything a DJ can do with an analog vinyl record such as scratching can now be done with CDs - that's something which Pioneer proudly pioneered and now we've gone another step and in the Pioneer DVJ-X1 we're offering exactly the same functionality with DVD video as well.

''You can think of it as a miniature editing suite with all that functionality such as looping, an SD card storage facility, hot queues, auto loop, emergency loop synch with audio and visual - everything you can think of doing with an audio disk you can now do with a video disk and we're expecting it to give rise to an entirely new type of entertainer and an entirely new field of creativity,' said Chappell.

'There are hot spots around the country which are beginning to do a lot with video as well as audio. 'VJ is big in Queensland and Sydney where a lot of bars and clubs are putting in big display panels and we expect this to accelerate once the DVJ hits the market and people realise what can be done with it. Having forged the path from vinyl to CD amongst DJs, Pioneer is now leading the dance and entertainment industries into a new era where AV-literate DJs can finally blend exciting and dynamic visuals into their live performances. In fact, the ground-breaking DVJ-X1 not only creates an extraordinary outlet for creative expression, it also signals a brand new form of entertainment in clubs, bars and other venues and establishes a platform for dance music labels wanting to use visual content to help market their releases.

Combining Pioneer's world-famous CD Jog Dial technology with the flexibility and capacity of DVD, the DVJ-X1 looks just like the company's own CDJ-1000MK2 CD player. But what's even more radical is that the DVJ-X1 has the same functionality - with the added capacity to playback DVDs as well as CDs.

This means that digital DJs used to performing live with a CDJ-1000MK2 will have no trouble using the DVJ-X1 as a CD-playback tool. But crucially, DVJs will also be able to use the DVJ-X1 to manipulate DVD visuals in exactly the same way as they would music. So real-time digital video scratches, loops and instant cues are all possible with the awesome DVJ-X1, while the video and audio streams always stay in perfect sync, even when they're being reversed and pitched. And since a DVD drive has a more advanced, more reliable laser than any CD player, playback quality is assured and maintained in the long-term. The DVJ-X1 works with all established CD formats as well as DVDs, crossing the boundaries between the once-separate audio and video domains.

To add yet another dimension to this concept, Pioneer anticipates linking 2 x DVJ-X1s together via a fully integrated audio and visual mixer in the near future. This will allow digital sound and vision from separate sources to be mixed and scratched on the fly - in the same way as DJs create audio mixes in their live sets today.

To make the DVJ-X1 an even more flexible tool for performers, it has on-board memory capacity as well as a SD Card slot - just like the CDJ-1000MK2. This allows for AV loops and cue points to be stored, either on-board or on a removable SD (up to 500 loop or cue points on the card that's bundled with the DVJ-X1). During playback, the DVJ-X1 can search, select and preview the saved AV data using an external monitor that's connected via the output port. Pioneer's new unit also has an emergency loop feature to make it even more user-friendly. At the press of a button, this automatically loops four beats seamlessly, in line with the BPM, to allow a DVJ extra time to mix from one track to another.

To gain the full benefit of the DVJ-X1, DVJs will have to play-out in venues with both an output screen and preview screen. A vision mixer will also be needed, although Pioneer is developing a video switcher as an interim solution to interface with the Fader Start function of many pro-grade audio mixers. The DVJ-X1's audio outputs are either digital S/PDIF or standard RCA stereo connectors, while video is either BNC (with component and composite) or S-Video and RCA composite output. S-Video and RCA composite ports are also available for hooking up to a preview monitor, while the only other connections are a fader start and a sync BNC for the video switcher.

In short, the Pioneer DVJ-X1 brings together existing AV technologies into a single unit that interfaces with currently available software and hardware to introduce a jaw-dropping new form of entertainment. This unique unit delivers on two levels. Not only does the DVJ-X1 satisfy the needs of digital DJs and their dance-floor audiences right now, but it also sets an unprecedented performance standard for DVJs of the future.

Chappell believes the DVJ-X1 will have a major impact on the Australian club scene over the next twelve months. 'Production is this month (March), so we're hoping to have stocks in April. The American price is going to be roughly US$3000 with the dollar looking healthy for us, I'd like to keep it within reach and we're aiming for a price under AUD$4000.'For enquiries about the DVJ-X1, please email Collee Chappell of Pioneer Australia at or visit

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