For a good number of years now my trusty Kensington lock has helped give me peace of mind when out and about with the laptop. Now Chris Goulet has created a similar safety mechanism for a guitar – the Rock Lock. Any musician worried about a prized 1959 Fender Strat walking off at a gig or party can loop the heavy duty steel wire around any fixed structure or heavy equipment and lock the other end around the neck of the guitar and then go enjoy the after show party.

Goulet says that the idea for Rock Lock came to him after his roommate borrowed his guitar without permission. Surprised to learn that there wasn't already a product available to help prevent theft at bar and club gigs, from rehearsal rooms, at trade shows or in shared accommodation, he sketched a few ideas of his own during an entrepreneurial class at business school and went on to develop the product.

The Rock Lock has been designed to fit most six stringed guitars so won't work on that Rickenbacker 4001 bass or Martin D12-35 12-string acoustic. The locking mechanism is shaped like a solid capo and is contained within housing made using cutting edge metal replacement technology and nitro-cellulose safe over mold.

This is the part that fits over the neck of the guitar but not before the heavy duty braided steel cable is looped through a convenient fixed structure or nearby heavy equipment. The oval-shaped "Rock" end of the cable is then loaded into the "Lock" and the jaws closed over a snug area of the neck. Job done.

Rock Lock is available for pre-order for US$49.99, will be shipped with a couple of keys and comes with a year's full warranty.

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