The Safe-Clik-N-Grip Laptop Strap

The Safe-Clik-N-Grip Laptop Strap
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January 8, 2007 It might seem like a bit of webbing and a few bits of plastic, but anyone who frequents the airport with their laptop will understand the benefits of this clever invention. The TSA requires laptop travellers to remove their laptops from their cases and put them in the official TSA bin in order to be scanned by the x-ray machine. The process itself, although necessary, is very inefficient and time consuming, and a laptop computer could very easily be dropped at many different points during the screening process. Frequent traveller Gary Peters saw enough airports with his laptop that he decided to make life easier and created a prototype which developed into … the Safe-Clik-N-Grip Laptop Strap. Simple, inexpensive … very very handy!

Gary tells the story: “To make a long story short, the laptop strap idea presented itself 3+ years ago when my job required me to frequent the airport on a weekly basis.”

“In order to simplify the laptop security screening process for myself, I developed a strap and handle assembly, with the handle allowing me to easily extract my laptop from my backpack prior to reaching the security belt. In other words, I can carry my laptop like another piece of luggage; drop it into the security bin, and extract the laptop from the bin by the handle, and easily return it to my backpack following the x-ray process. No more worries about dropping my laptop, which eliminates a great deal of the stress involved in the screening process. I actually use the laptop strap on my Dell 9300 on a daily basis, as the handle and strap assembly makes it very easy to manoeuvre the laptop into and out of my backpack.”

View gallery - 3 images
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