April 18, 2008 The last decade has seen a meteoric explosion in the shape, size and functionality of hand-held electronic devices with all sorts of innovations from sliding keyboards to touch screen interfaces thrown at the feet of the consumer. Proof that we haven't yet seen it all, The Scroll is a blue-sky design concept that takes a format used by medieval town criers, turns it sideways and shoe-horns it into the 21st century by incorporating a mobile phone, hand-held computer, camcorder and sliding LCD screen.

The "what might be" concept by Californian based video production and graphic/web designer Seth Haller envisions a 10 mega-pixel camera, 1080p camcorder, 6 watt speaker, wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled phone (and potentially any functionality that modern consumer electronics can offer) incorporated into a double-ended device that slides out to reveal a "solid state" LCD screen. We like it, although in terms of portability you've still got a device that's the size of two-phones to contend with.

Haller, who used Autodesk 3DS Max to model The Scroll, believes a functional design modeled after his design could one day be possible, but at this stage there are no plans to move the concept beyond the drawing board.

Seth Haller can be contacted via email or via the 13 Tech Design site.

Images courtesy of Seth Haller/13 Tech Design.

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