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The Shower-Shower: an automatic shower cleaning system

The Shower-Shower: an automatic shower cleaning system
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April 29, 2005 The Shower-Shower from Intelligent Consumer Products is an automatic shower cleaning system that eliminates the need for manual cleaning and exposure to the chemicals required to clean your shower. An appliance of comfort, the Shower-Shower is a luxury product designed for a low-maintenance lifestyle for those who don’t have a regular cleaner or the time or inclination to do it themselves. It's also, according the manufacturers, “a great asset for seniors or anyone who has trouble squeezing the trigger on a shower cleaner spray bottle dozens of times to clean their shower.”

The Shower-Shower is compact, easy to install, and fits all shower types. The unit mounts directly on the shower wall, where its Multidirectional Spray Column applies a cleaning mist that thoroughly coats and cleans all shower surfaces. Moreover, it can be used with any shower cleaning product on the market.

It’s available in almost any colour, and has an easy-to-read control panel that displays the level of cleaner in the unit and enabling adjustment of cleaning fluid application. It won’t operate if the shower is occupied, and will switch off if the shower door opens while in operation. A “kill switch” turns the unit off at any point in the process, and a beeping tone reminds you to be careful if entering the shower within five minutes after a cleaning has been administered.

You can see the Shower-Shower in operation in a windows media video here.

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