July 14, 2009 Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) unveiled several new consumer products yesterday following the acquisition of SimpleTech. The most ingenious, and the one which really caught our eye, was the SimpleNET network storage adapter for easily sharing USB drive content over an Ethernet network.

Just plug a USB hard drive into SimpleNET and the USB drive appears as a drive on the network . There are no proprietary formats or reformatting of the drive required, and you can easily hot swap your USB drive between your computer and the Hitachi SimpleNET device at any time. The SimpleNET solution works for Mac, PC and Linux users, and you can even connect two USB drives at once. MSRP for the SimpleNET adapter is USD$79 MSRP.

During the initial stages of the brand transition, product information and support is available at SimpleTech.

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