After a long day at work, the last thing most folks want to do is lug a 100-pound ball of drooling, pent-up energy around, all the while shoveling and hauling its feces. But that's exactly what dog owners have to do every day – rain, snow, ice and below-zero temperatures notwithstanding. The Smart Dog Leash aims to make the process a tad smoother by storing every item that you'll need to walk your dog safely and sanitarily.

Certain rambunctious dogs – for the sake of narrative, we'll say a chocolate lab named Duncan and a Chesapeake Bay retriever named Bambi – have a way of going absolutely bat-mess crazy when it's time to walk. Maybe Duncan tears around the house and plays "just try and put that leash on me" while Bambi gets crazy hyper and jumps all over her owner – who we'll call C.C. Weiss to keep things easy. In the melee, said owner tends to forget certain key accessories like poop bags, flashlight and water bowl. Such items are easy to forget at first but become painfully obvious when C.C. is grasping blindly in blackness with a plastic-bag glove, or a dog or two is hyperventilating uncontrollably under the hot midday sun.

The creator of the Smart Dog Leash has clearly walked his share of dogs, probably two at a time, possibly possessing the exact characteristics of Duncan and Bambi. The smart leash essentially thinks for the dog owner, organizing everything he or she could possibly need for a daily walk around the block and some things (s)he'll need for a longer hike or adventure.

It all begins with the basics: a retractable leash with ergonomic handle. Like a few other leashes out there, it also has a place to store doggie bags. From there it really sets itself apart with an LED flashlight, handy for night walks; an LCD clock, handy for time-sensitive walks; and a built-in water bowl handy for long, hot, panting walks. It even has a container for storing treats, which any warm-blooded canine will tell you is handy for every walk and all the minutes in between.

So now, instead of spending 10 minutes running around the house to gather the baggies, flashlight, collapsible bowl, treats, etc., you can focus on getting Bambi and Duncan to sit still long enough to get their leashes clipped – or whatever relevant countermeasures you take against your dog's pre-walk routine. That seems worth the US$26, assuming your dog fits the description of "small to medium."

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