The Sound Torch is a portable Bluetooth speaker that adds a unique visual element to your listening experience thanks to a built-in pyro board, which fires up in different formations based on the music being played.

The Sound Torch works by creating flames based on the sound of whatever music is emitted from the speaker. This works in a similar way to a Rubens' Tube, an antique apparatus used to demonstrate acoustic standing waves. The pyro board features a square of small holes which gas is pushed through. The soundwaves of the music create high and low levels of activity, which determines the strength and spread of the gas flowing through the holes. The result being flames which appear to dance in time to the music.

You can connect the Sound Torch to any Bluetooth audio device. It has a built-in battery that lasts for up to 12 hours on a single charge, while the lighter fluid which powers the pyro board should last for around 4 hours before needing to be refilled.

An app is also in the works which will allow you to interact with the pyro board directly. This means you could potentially use the Sound Torch as an artificial fire even when you're not playing music.

The Sound Torch obviously carries with it the risk of causing injury if someone is dumb enough to stick their hand over the top of it. Its creators therefore suggest it isn't suitable for anyone under the age of 18. They have also included safety features which mean the Sound Torch shuts off if the temperature gets too high, no input is detected, or the speaker is knocked onto the floor.

The Sound Torch is currently being funded via a Kickstarter campaign seeking to raise DKK200,000 (US$30,000). At the time of writing, a pledge of $160 is enough to secure a Sound Torch if and when the product ships as promised. The creators of the Sound Torch have given themselves until December 2016 to do so, partly because regulatory approval will be needed to bring this product to market.

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