The Steerable Guided Gun Pod system

The Steerable Guided Gun Pod system
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July 31, 2006 The Steerable Guided Gun Pod system is a vast improvement in capability for not much extra cost, as it enables the current non steerable, gun system (the last unguided weapon system used on modern aircraft), to be aimed very accurately without needing to direct the flight path of the aircraft towards the target. Modern aircraft guns are static (non steerable, or un-slaved) and require the pilot to fly the aircraft directly at the target. Accordingly, they have a poor hit rate and needlessly endanger the aircrew due to the requirements of close and slow flight pattern. The Steerable Guided Gun Pod system offers a steerable gun housed inside a rigid pod mounted on the aircraft's external store station. Barrel movement is controlled by the aircraft's Fire Control Computer (FCC) and system offers slaving capability to weapon sensors, such as Helmet Mounted Sight (HMS), RADAR, D.L and FLIR.

The Pod is suitable for military and civilian aircraft, coast guard and police aircraft/helicopters, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), has night and all weather operation capability and unlike other weapon systems, the enhanced mission capabilities and versatility of the Gun Pod enables it to be used for both Air-to-Air (A/A) and Air-to-Ground (A/G) combat on the same sortie.

For A/A combat the pod eliminates the requirement for the pilot to fly a precise flight path into the direction of the target and expose himself and the aircraft to dangers of flying close and slow flight patterns.

For A/G combat the pod enables strafing without diving and will dramatically increase aircraft survivability at the same time as increasing the percentage of hits on target. In one of the most important aspects of modern warfare, the Pod also significantly reduces peripheral damage due to its increased accuracy.

There are far more than just operational benefits to be considered too. In many instances, the only alternative for an aircraft is to use a guided A/A IR missile or A/G small guided bombs, so the low cost Steerable Gun Pod would save on the top shelf stuff too.

Isreali-based FAR Technologies Ltd. (FAR) is a conceptual and technological incubator for initiating and nurturing innovative concepts and technologies in the military aviation arena. FAR conducts preliminary feasibility studies, engineering design and patent applications and is seeking partners to develop, sell or license their range of innovative IP.

View gallery - 7 images
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