The Titanium and Carbon Fibre Gatling Pocket Flashlight

The Titanium and Carbon Fibre Gatling Pocket Flashlight
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March 7, 2007 Named after that famous weapon of war, the Gatling Gun, the GatLight is part objet d’art, part tactile companion and almost coincidentally is one of the most powerful, compact and functional flashlights available. Lumencraft specialises in designing and manufacturing high end pocket flashlights and their latest evolution of their flagship product, the GatLight V3, made of aerospace grade titanium and carbon fibre composites is just a joy to look at. Since every GatLight is custom made to order, the Gatlight V3 has an estimated delivery time of 3 months with pricing between US$295 and US$370 for the all-titanium version.

The GatLight V3 is not only unique in design, but it is also one of the brightest flashlights available for its size of 3.3 inches long and 1.2 inches wide. The Gatling V3 has one of the most intuitive user interfaces possible - there is a rotary knob in the back, which contains a push button in the center. A simple push of this button allows you to instantly turn the light on or off, while a rotation of the surrounding knob allows a smooth and gradual adjustment of the brightness for either hundreds of hours runtime (low brightness level) or a bright “retina searing” light output with shorter runtime and any brightness/runtime level in between. GatLight V3 Facts: • Swiss designed & US made, GatLights are milled out on Swiss machines using a virtually indestructible aerospace titanium alloy for the flashlight housing components.

• Hand assembled in the US from over 80 parts. This number is 10 times higher than that found in most flashlights. The perfect combination of these parts resembles a high end Swiss watch more than a flashlight.

• The GatLight uses genuine carbon fiber composites with a beautiful cosmetic weave pattern which is prominently displayed behind titanium alloy bars.

• The unique titanium bar design provides superior heat sinking capabilities which in return allows for a higher level of maximum brightness.

• The light is fully electronically regulated, so unlike ordinary flashlights, there is no dimming of the light as the battery gets low. The light output will remain the same (at any level) until the battery is depleted. This feat is achieved by a highly efficient electronic circuit that processes the changing battery voltage to constantly provide the current required for the selected brightness level.

• The circuit board is made of solid copper for heat sinking purposes and constantly monitors the temperature of the light source therefore protecting the LED light source.

• The LED light source has a rated runtime of 10 years “continuous-on”. It has been handpicked not only for premium brightness (rated to 240+ Lumen by the LED manufacturer) but also for color (whitest white).

• GatLight V3s are available in 2 versions; the Tuxedo version combines black hard anodized center, bezel and back sections, which provides an impressive contrast to the stainless steel screws and titanium alloy bars. In the All Titanium version, all housing parts are made of titanium alloy to provide a more classic look.

View gallery - 5 images
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