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Hoverit releases magnetically-suspended floating lounger

Hoverit releases magnetically-suspended floating lounger
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January 24, 2008 We’ve written before about the EUR 1,200,000 (US$1,750,000) floating bed which uses permanent opposing industrial-strength magnets to enable it to float, so this exquisite floating lounger is by comparison a bargain basement remainder with pricing starting at GBP 5,875 (US$11,500). Almost magical with its use of magnetism to offer a genuine floating sensation and no-fixed-means-of-support, it’s the ideal thing for a design studio or advertising agency reception area, and the perfect gift for the person who has everything already.

The British designed, precision engineered Lounger is the first of the company's built-by-hand, magnetic ‘hover’ furniture range. Defying gravity with the use of repelling magnetic forces in both the bed and base this contemporary lounger is comfortable, practical and stylish. The permanent magnets are also therapeutically beneficial, assisting with "back and muscular problems and headaches" according to Hoverit.

The concept was sketched by inventor Keith Dixon a few years ago when he was working on a recreational concept called the “Rift Glider” that used permanent magnets to hover a board over a large area, it is now commercial reality and likely to be quite popular in its one-of-a-kind niche.

According to Keith, you can “bounce it with your little finger”, yet when you sit on it, “it is very stable.” That’s because when you lean to one side, “the magnets fitted on the sides push up and act like stabilizers.”,

Apparently the sensation is quite relaxing and “when you shut your eyes you know you are hovering.”

Though made of Perspex, the floating lounger is very comfortable as the perspex acrylic has a degree of give, and there’s also the underlying magnetic cushioning effect too. Despite this, Hoverit intend to offer a fully cushioned unit later in the year and three new designs that will be launched at the Ideal Home Show to be held in Earls Court, London from March 14.

Though some people might find the GBP 5875 price tag a trifle high, it’s a lot more reasonably priced than we expected given the exclusivity of the product, as there’s nothing quite like it apart from the aforementioned floating bed.

Hoverit is seeking international distributors for its product range, and as expected, they’re seeking equally high-end distributors with an established clientèle.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the whole range is that you can design your own custom lounger and they'll build it for you. Though this bespoke service will obviously come at a handsome price, it'll be something the fellow next door will not have. Each lounger comes with a clear anti-scratch mat and a limited edition certificate and serial number.

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