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The Underbed Lift for large screens

The Underbed Lift for large screens
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February 22, 2007 The concept of a television screen the size of a dining room table is a very recent one – now they’re becoming affordable, the problem is where to put it. A 40-50 inch screen is so large that it changes the nature of its surroundings – it imposes itself on a room and can destroy the ambience of the space it is meant to enhance. In the past we’ve written about several hide-the-telly technologies, such as Shadow Trak which hides the screen behind a motorised painting, and the Reversica which rotates the screen from view. Now there’s a new contender designed specifically for the bedroom, and the UnderBedLift is semi-robotic in that it spirits the telly away under your bed, provided there’s at least 8 inches of free space under there (6.5 inches can be accommodated for more money). Beginning at US$12, 500 for a 40-43 inch display, and running to US$14,000 for a 45-50 inch display, the options are endless including powder coating to any colour and mountings for the speaker system of your choice and a completely pre-wired option sets you up with plug-n-play audio, video, high voltage and automation.. The Underbed Lift takes around 45 seconds to deploy the screen, it’ll take a qualified tech around 10 hours to get it all set-up.

The Underbed Lift can be configured to point the telly into several different directions, so you can watch it from in bed or a nearby chair.

View gallery - 11 images
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