The washable, bacteria-retardant keyboard

The washable, bacteria-retarda...
The Silver Seal washable keyboard
The Silver Seal washable keyboard
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The Silver Seal washable keyboard
The Silver Seal washable keyboard

December 22, 2008 We’ve encountered washable computer accessories before, but the Silver Seal keyboard adds a new level of protection against germs. In addition to being machine-washable and functioning even when wet, the Silver Seal contains built-in silver ion protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria like E. Coli and Staph.

The use of silver ions to prevent the spread of bacteria has been documented for over a decade, but is only recently being applied to consumer products. Samsung’s X360 notebook, for example, uses “Silver Nano” technology to promise “bacteria free” usage.

The Silver Seal keyboard is designed for use in the home, office, or specialized settings like healthcare institutions that demand higher standards of hygiene.

The Silver Seal is available from the Keyboard Company for £29.

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