The World's First Folding, Reclining, Rocking Chair

The World's First Folding, Reclining, Rocking Chair
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September 15, 2005 For those who like to take all the comforts of home with them when they get away from it all, the Relaaaxer, from the company of the same name, is the world’s only rocking, reclining and folding chair. The Relaaaxer debuted yesterday at the International Casual Furniture & Accessories Show in Chicago and is bound to become a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, boaters and those who are looking for the most comfortable chair they can fit into the smallest space. There’s a demonstration video viewable on the newly opened relaaaxer site.

The unique rocker's ingenious design actually helps you stand by rocking forward with the body's natural upright motion. Anyone who has ever struggled out of a deep recliner or awkwardly straddled a lounge chair will appreciate how easy it is to gracefully exit The Relaaaxer. To recline, slightly lift the armrests and lean back. When fully recumbent, The Relaaaxer is as satisfying as an island hammock, only portable!

The Relaaaxer Company will simultaneously launch two new product websites: www.relaaaxer.com for retail markets and www.relaaaxercompany.com for wholesale markets.

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