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The world’s first full size dual suspension folding bike

The world’s first full size dual suspension folding bike
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February 27, 2006 Innovative bicycle company Onyerbike has released a four bike range of foldable, full-size, dual-suspension bikes that finally offer high spec bikes you can tuck comfortably out of the way for ease of transportation or if you live in limited space or dorm/barracks accommodation. The top-of-the-range Hawk comes with adjustable suspension at both ends (lock out front suspension and air shock rear), magnesium wheels, a lightweight aircraft grade 7005 aluminium frame and Tektro disc brakes. The onyerbike range is unique in that it is the first to offer 26 inch wheels instead of the 20, 16 or 14 inch wheels which generally are used in folding bike solutions, so offering a genuine go-anywhere (on- or off-road) at-a-reasonable-clip bike. The company is seeking international dealers and distributors.

On the market for just a short time, the bikes are being sold to “anyone who wants a fully-functional bike but suffers from confined space living,” said Onyerbike’s Darren Tomkinson. “People are buying them for the dorm or barracks, boat, camper, motorhome but mainly for apartment living,” said Tomkinson. “They offer on-and off-road capabilities and you can adjust the suspension very quickly to get the best set-up for both. The killer-app is the combination of full size, full-capability and folding – it’s clearly been something the public has wanted for some time.” “The bikes fold with a hinge on the spine and quick-release removable head stem, with both pedals folding to enable a compact final package that comes with its own bag. It makes it just that bit more sanitary for storing inside a car with nice carpet or upholstery, particularly if you’ve just been in the mud or rain.” The range features four models, being the base model 21-speed US$600 Hornet, the more upmarket US$900 Terminator I (Shimano Acera trigger shift 24-speed with TG shocks, disk brakes and other componentry or the US$1000 Terminator II (27-speed Sram X9 running gear, air shock with pump, lightweight head set). The range-topper is the US$1400 Hawk which is designed to easily adjust for city or off-road usage. Onyerbike were keen to point out that the range is not for competition or stunt riding or for serious off-road riding at “beyond recreational pace.” “The bikes can deal with any terrain, but there’s a limit to folding bike technologies and we’re not recommending them for stunt or competition riding,” said Tomkinson. “The bike’s are designed to go anywhere at a recreational pace.”

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1 comment
Not only do I LIKE the way they look but I REALLY LIKE the base price......finally a bike for the rest of us......all of the other full size folders cost 3-4 times that!!! and they ain't nearly as cool!!.......LOL