The Saleen S7 supercar: 7 liters and 550 horsepower of the most exclusive hand-made V8 American metal. Proof positive that sex itself can tear up tarmac, and a genuine contender amongst the very top echelon of the world's performance cars. It will happily accelerate through 200mph (322kmh), and rocket you to 60mph in around 3.4 seconds if you can find enough traction. At US$400,000 per unit it's one of the most expensive cars around, and it's so exclusive that apparently even Jeremy Clarkson can't get a test drive. But you can, if you're willing to stump up the US$4000 per day charge to take what may be the world's most extravagant rental car out for a spin.

The rental is being offered by Gotham Dream Cars and the company, which operates in in New York, the Northeast, Miami and South Florida, expects to create a six week waiting list for the Saleen S7. We recommend the extra insurance.