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The Ypsilon Chair

The Ypsilon Chair
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October 20, 2006 Being comfortable when you’re working increases your productivity and is good for your state of mind – yet so few of us invest in the technologies to gain those benefits, even though we spend hundreds of hours a month slaving over a keyboard. A few thousand dollars might significantly increase workplace comfort and there’s a tangible ROI via the productivity. Our favourite seating solutions for office applications are the Bionomic Chair, the MYPCE workstation, the Plasma 2System, the Netsurferand the NeThrone and the Ypsilon office chair designed by Mario and Claudio Bellini just slipped into that elite category of executive seating. With ten different adjustments possible, Ypsilon can be individually adapted to the size, weight and the body of the sitter, following his or her movements, and providing support without constricting. It has a sensitive motion mechanism and extremely wide backward angle, enabling it to offer a viable lounge working position. The flexible backrest is like a sail. Frameless and fixed only on the corner points, it has a burred texture that encourages pleasant air circulation. The soft cushioning of the headrest and armrests and the patented ClimaSeat offer additional comfort and create an agreeable sitting climate for extended periods.

Ergonomic studies recommend that the lounge position not only be used for relaxation during lengthier work sittings but also as a genuine working position in the context of a dynamic approach to sitting. Ypsilon enables users to really work while in the lounge position. This is made possible by the chair’s movement mechanism combined with the wide backward angle (a combination of the angle of the backrest and the tilt of the seat). In addition, the chair features a flexible, frameless backrest sail that enables movement in all directions and adapts to the shape of the body as the sitter leans back. The soft headrest completes the support. The flexible backrest profile changes its shape to adjust to the user, providing support irrespective of the sitting position. In this way, the upper section of the spine, the shoulders and neck, are kept in line and supported even when reclining far back in the lounge position while the angle of vision remains almost constant in relation to the computer screen.

The burring on the backrest maintains air circulation between the backrest and the user's back, preventing heat building up. An added benefit is a gently massaging of the back which encourages blood circulation in the back.

The special climate-controlling seat developed by Vitra eliminates moisture in the seat more rapidly and so guarantees comfortable and constant seating temperature over a longer period (optional).

Owing to its durable elasticity, the Techno Gel adapts individually to the shape of the body making a substantial contribution to supporting the lumbar section of the spine and by increasing comfort (optional).

The tablet supports a flexible approach to work - even away from the desktop. The height, angle, and title can be set individually (optional).

The detachable clothes hanger enables you to hang your coat or jacket from the back of your chair, keeping it within easy reach (optional).

Optional thermoplastic headrest and neck support with Net weave or leather cover, are height and angle adjustable. Large, cushioned thermoplastic armrests include Netweave or leather covers. Armrests are fully adjustable in height, horizontal angle and vertical tilt. Polyurethane foam seat covered in fabric or leather, height and depth adjustable. Optional Clima seat (porous fleece under the seat cover) for enhanced comfort. Frame and five-star base with integrated telescopic spring in basic dark or grey. Optional transparent castors for either hard or soft floors. Ergonomically tested.

The base seat sells for US$1750 with an extra US$500 for the headrest and arm supports. Other options: Solid Seat and back (US$100), Solid Seat and back (front and rear) (US$150), Seat and back Solid and TechnoGel lumbar cushion (US$450.00), Seat and back Vitra leather ($1000)

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