So you’ve got a junior wannabe rock star on your hands but you’re not convinced of their musical talent? Before you start forking out big bucks for that electric guitar or drum kit they have their eye on, how about testing their musical prowess on an interactive rock t-shirt? The kids’ rock guitar shirt and drum kit shirt can actually be played – just like real instruments – so junior can happily bang out a drum solo or guitar riff and you can hang on to your hard-earned bucks…for now.

Electronic Rock Guitar T-Shirt

OK, it looks like an ordinary t-shirt with a picture of a guitar on the front. But each button on the guitar neck plays a major chord that has been pre-recorded on a real electric guitar – so the sound is realistic. Two magnetic picks are also included – they allow you to strum the guitar by simply waving the pick over the strings. There’s also a mini amp that attaches to your belt which has a tone knob allowing you to adjust the sound. The electronic components can be removed when the shirt needs a wash and it needs 4 AAA batteries to pump out the volume – which, by the way, goes all the way to rockin’ number 11!

Electronic Drum Kit T-Shirt

This shirt will have your kid banging away in no time. All seven drums have different and distinct sounds and are played by hitting the shirt with your finger. The sound is played through a built-in speaker that is stored with the battery pack near the hem of the shirt. The volume can be adjusted and will – according to the manufacturer – play “really loud”.

Both shirts come in small (28” chest, 43–55lbs), medium (30” chest, 56-73lbs) and large (32” chest, 74–100lbs) and are available from ThinkGeek for US$29.99.

Yes, you can get them in adult sizes too – would it be too geeky to get one for everyone in the family?

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