Thudguard safety hat for toddlers

Thudguard safety hat for toddl...
Thudguard Infant Safety Protection Hat
Thudguard Infant Safety Protection Hat
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Thudguard Infant Safety Protection Hat
Thudguard Infant Safety Protection Hat
Thudguard Infant Safety Protection Hat
Thudguard Infant Safety Protection Hat

April 8, 2008 In the UK, over 500,000 children's head injuries are recorded each year, partly due to the inevitable bumps and falls toddlers experience as they learn to walk. Thudguard is a lightweight safety hat for kids to keep them safe while the find their feet and reduce the severity of the everyday knocks and bruises.

The cute caps with little ears on top are made from impact tested protective foam that reduces the severity of bumps and thuds. The lightweight, soft materials to avoid pressure on developing neck muscles. A comfortable and stretchy circumference band allows for growth and ventilation while and adjustable soft elastic chinstrap makes it adjustable for your child’s size. The Thudguard is designed with strategically placed ventilation holes to allow heat out, but parents are warned that prolonged use of any headgear can get hot and uncomfortable.

Thudguard was created by Kelly Forsyth-Gibson, a mother of three from Scotland. She came up with the idea after having her first child and seeing her bump her head whilst learning to walk. Forsyth-Gibson said she looked everywhere for a lightweight safety hat for kids but was unable to find one. The answer: create her own.

The hat covers much of the head and is designed to protect the forehead, side of the head, back of the head and fontanel. Thudguard has been certified and impact tested to comply safety standards (DTI PPE Category II 89/686/EEC, British Association of Accident and Emergency Medicine) and according to its manufacturers is the only product of its kind endorsed by Children's Accident & Emergency Experts.

Thudguard comes in two colors – blue for boys and lilac for girls. The protective hat is available for sale through the Thudguard website and retails for £19.99/USD$37.99 (plus postage) and comes in one size only designed for kids aged 7 months to 2+ years.

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