As any student of horror movies knows, the zombie apocalypse is probably going to kick-off any day now. Luckily for us, British company Tiger Log Cabins has stepped up just in time for Halloween to unveil its debut fortified cabin. The Zombie Fortification Cabin (ZFC-1) features everything required to tackle an undead horde, including off-grid technology, entertainment facilities, and even some heavy weaponry.

Sporting a utilitarian olive-green exterior, the ZFC-1 comprises three separate buildings: a garage to keep your getaway car ready, a storage room for food and weapons, and a larger, two-story structure containing the sleeping quarters, kitchen, living room and gym. Each of the buildings features a pair of lockable doors, and the largest also sports a rooftop terrace to offer a 360-degree killing field.

The ZFC-1 comes well-equipped as standard and ships with amenities such as a couch, microwave, toilet, coffee machine, and even a Plasma TV and Xbox (we're not sure which model). Solar panels can be added at extra cost – renewable energy seems a definite plus in an apocalyptic situation – and there's a small vegetable patch to help residents become self-sufficient in food too.

Though the UK's strict weapon laws make selling guns tricky, Tiger Log Cabins is happy to throw in some other zombie-fighting hardware, such as a flame thrower and water cannon. The firm will also sell you a riot protection outfit for personal defense, while search lights and security cameras can be added to the ZFC-1 at extra cost.

Of course, the ZFC-1 exists only in render form and Tiger Log Cabins conceived the ZFC-1 as a clever marketing campaign, but for anyone crazy enough to try and actually buy one, it's currently up on their website and priced at £69,995 (US$112,820), which includes a 10-year Anti-Zombie Guarantee.

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