Many city dwellers don't have the opportunity to regularly escape into the countryside and enjoy a rural cabin retreat. However, Greek firm Panos Dragonas Christopoulou Architects envisions bringing some rustic solitude to the big city by placing a tiny cabin on the rooftop of an Athens apartment block.

Titled Detached, the tiny cabin was created for an art exhibition named "The Minimum Structure," and Panos Dragonas told Gizmag that though it remains a concept at present, the firm did put some thought into how it could be built.

The cabin would be raised 2 m (6.5 ft) above the apartment rooftop on which it sits with four stilts, with access to the interior gained by ladder. It would be built primarily from wood, with a slatted facade and generous windows offering choice views of the surrounding city. In addition, what looks like a chimney on the renders is actually a skylight, and this would provide some additional natural light inside.

The concept calls for the interior to measure 9 sq m (96 sq ft), and there is some very basic furniture available, in the form of a raised sleeping area and a table, but the cabin sports no modern amenities. Solar panels were considered as a possible means of offering some electricity for the occupant, and presumably some kind of dry or composting toilet would be a relatively simple matter to install, too, should the cabin ever actually be built.

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