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Tiret New York's 26.5 carat diamond "Second Chance" wristwatch

Tiret New York's 26.5 carat diamond "Second Chance" wristwatch
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July 14, 2005 It must be the right month for outrageous diamond watches. A fortnight ago TAG Heuer trotted out Uma Therman wearing the red satin EU100,000 euro Diamond Fiction watch bracelet dripping with 879 Top Wesselton diamonds and now luxury watchmaker Tiret New York has designed its newest watch with 26.5ct of EXIRE diamonds from Belgian diamond manufacturer Inter Gems-Claes. New to the luxury watch scene, Tiret was launched in 2003 by Damon Dash and Daniel Lazar and has wasted little time in making itself very visible on the wrists of celebrities and sportspeople in the New York scene. Dash, Jay-Z and Biggs Burke formed Roc-A-Fella Records in 1996, and have created a juggernaut in rap music, clothing, liquor, publishing, film, and the hip-hop community in general since then. Thirty-two-year-old Dash is the business brains behind the Roc-A-Fella empire and has the connections and Midas Touch to seemingly make any brand successful right now. He appears to be doing just that with the Tiret name and the completely over-the-top “Second Chance” collection. With five times the carats of TAG Heuer’s Diamond Fiction, we weren’t game to ask the price.

Now not all of the oversized oval shaped “Second Chance” wristwatch collection contain 26.5ct of diamonds – but they all come close and reflect Tiret’s incredible expansion over the past year, in which it has established itself amongst the most expensive watch brands available.

About Inter Gems-Claes

For a century Inter Gems-Claes has been delivering Belgian excellence in diamonds to the fulfillment of international jewelry and watch manufacturers. This Diamond Trading Company Sightholder is known for its Finest Make in diamonds and employs more then 2,000 people in operations around the world.

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