With Apple’s new wireless Magic Mouse grabbing headlines this month, and innovations such as the multi-functional GlideTV navigator and Nortek Duplus mini wireless mouse being rolled-out almost weekly, it seems the days of the humble mouse are long gone. Enter Intelligent Design’s titanium laser mouse - a hand-crafted device that is anything but humble (or cheap) and while it doesn't have the smarts of Apple's new offering, its certainly lays down a challenge on the design front.

The ID mouse is Bluetooth enabled and is constructed from hand-formed grade one titanium and high quality plastic resin. It features a neodymium scroll wheel and is suitable for both left and right-handed users. Powered by two AAA batteries it is available in black or white and has a three-button layout.

This stunning design comes at a price though – the ID mouse retails for 800 euros or about US$1,200 (at time of publication).

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